Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War, film, movie, review, the flawed guruCivil War in the comics was near the end of my time as a comic collector and reader, which for me went hand in hand. I know there are many people now who read digital comics, but for me having it in my hand, reading it, and then neatly and obsessively cataloguing it in my collection was all part of the joy of comics. So once I stopped buying them, meant I stopped reading them. So even though I stopped reading them back in 2007ish, after nearly 20 years of doing it, I funnily enough still feel fairly up to date with where the Marvel comics are still at.

With Captain America 3 on the cards, it was actually a bold move to go for the Civil War story which was a Marvel wide series that touched every base and could easily have been the story for an actual Avengers film. Instead they tackled it for a Captain American film, which for me was awesome for more than one reason. Mainly being that it showed they really are building a massive cinematic universe that isn’t tied into the stand alone characters and then the cross over’s only saved for the big Avenger films. I love that kind of world building, as that’s what comics and games are all about.

The film itself really is a tour de force. Sure it’s not on the level in some respects as let’s say the Dark knight Trilogy, but at the same time it blows past those films in so many other ways. The story telling was intricately weaved and made sense, which for a film like this could easily have seen it become a jumbled mess. The action was awesome, the building of tension great, and most importantly it kept the world building on the upward climb it’s been doing for the past decade. Fuck I love what Marvel is doing! Suck it DC!

9.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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