Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruThe Rock. What can I say about The Rock? Well, one thing is that he is yet to make a film I’ve seen that I didn’t like 10 times more because he was in it. His only bad film was the horrible San Andreas, though I still liked him in that film, despite it being very much a suck fest. Then there is Kevin Hart. Hart is someone that I love for his stand-up comedy and his general interactions with people during interviews, but seems to be VERY hit and miss with his films.

With the two teaming up however made me feel like this could be something that could work nicely, especially with Hart seemingly playing the straight man…kind of. Get Hard is his only film to date I’ve seen that I really liked, as it had a great team up with him and Will Ferrell, with him once again ‘kind of’ playing the straight man. With a solid trailer, and feeling in the mood for a good turn your brain off comedy, meant I was in a good place to soak up all this film had to offer.

Well, The Rock was awesome as ever, and Kevin Hart was also good, but them teaming up, and the on screen chemistry, is what made this film. It’s far from the best comedy out there, but it had a decent number of laughs and was a good night out. It’s also not any surprise that news came out in the days after seeing the film that The Rock topped the charts as the highest paid actor in Hollywood right now. He’s just so damn likeable!

8 out of 10 from me!!!

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