Zootopia, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruWhen a film crosses 1 billion at the worldwide box-office, it’s almost guaranteed to be a damn good film. Right? Well only 27 films have ever achieved this mark, which let’s face it, is mightily impressive, even if these films can now cost as much as $250 million to make, let alone the marketing budgets. Of the films that have made that mark, only 3 standout to me, personally, as being so damn average that they don’t deserve the billion dollar milestone. Alas, they did though, but even if 3 out of 27 that did make it didn’t deserve it, the percentage that did deserve it says that the film has to be pretty damn good to make those kind of numbers.

Which brings us to Zootopia, which sits as the 3rd biggest film so far this year, and 1 of 3 films to have been added to the billion dollar club so far. Though with 6 weeks of the year to go, and with at least 1 film that could even attain the magical 2 billion dollar club, which only 3 films have ever attained, means Zootopia may still finish out of the top 5 despite cracking 1 billion. This was a kids film, and an animated film, so maybe not wholeheartedly targeted towards a more grown up audience, though some of the all time great animated films tend to target everyone, even if technically they are aimed at kids.

Well, I didn’t think this film was average, but for a film that made a billion, it sure is on the bubble of those films that are good, but still make you wonder how did it make so much. It was funny, it was cute, and it had a message, if not slightly muddled. But overall it’s a film I think will quickly be lost in the minds of many. In fact I already struggle to really grasp all my memories of it, which is not a good sign. So though good, it was far from great, and might be a sign that the billion dollar mark will soon be seen as the norm, with just good films easily breaking that barrier.

7.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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