Best and Worst Films – 2016

Another year, and another Top 10 list. In the 8 years I’ve ‘worked’ as a reviewer, both professionally and for myself, this has sadly been the year where I have seen the least amount of new films to actually make up my Best and Worst list from, with only 27 films under my belt. This means the 20 spots to fill come from only 27 films, and I’ll happily admit some of these films were lucky to make it into the top films list of the year, and some might be hard done by making it into the worst list.

Not only that, now that I live nowhere near an art house cinema, means I tend to only get the chance to see more mainstream films, which this list tends to reflect clear-as-day. That’s also a little bit sad for me as normally some of my favourite films in any given year come from the independent world, but such is life. Life gets busy, and sometimes things get pushed to the side, so hopefully with 2017 around the corner, I’ll not only be able to see more films, but also a wider range of them as well.

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Best And Worst Films – 2016 (From 27 films seen)

1 – Spotlight 9.5/10
2 – The Big Short 9.5/10
3 – The Revenant 9.5/10
4 – Captain America: Civil War 9.5/10
5 – Deadpool 9/10
6 – The Hateful Eight 9/10
7 – The Jungle Book 8.5/10
8 – Doctor Strange 8.5/10
9 – Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 8.5/10
10 – Rogue One 8.5/10

Honourable Mentions
1 – The Accountant 8.5/10
2 – Grimsby 8.5/10
3 – The Nice Guys 8.5/10
4 – Deepwater Horizon 8.5/10
5 – Central Intelligence 8/10

1 – Ghostbusters 5.5/10
2 – Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles 2 5.5/10
3 – Ride Along 2 6/10
4 – David Brent: Life On The Road 7/10
5 – The Magnificent Seven 7/10

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