Rogue One

Rogue One, Film, Movie, Review, The Flawed GuruWhat a world we live in, and what a time to live in as well. For all the issues there are in the world that we still have, be it war, famine, hunger, and everything else media loves to scare us all into thinking is going to hit us at any moment, it’s important to enjoy the simple things in life. In my eyes, one of those simple things is knowing we will now get at least 1 Star Wars film every year for the foreseeable future. That is what I call first world problem bliss.

With Star Wars 7 coming out last year, which I really liked even though I felt it stuck way to close to trying to be like the originals, at the very least set the tone for all the future films to come. Rouge One, even though set 30 years before Star Wars 7, still looked to keep the same kind of gritty appeal that one set up, while at the same time keeping the vibrant and exciting world of Star Wars alive and well.

This prequel and sequel in one, was in many ways a hard film to pull off, seeing as we ‘technically’ knew what was going to happen seeing as this film led straight into Star Wars 4. Despite that, I think it did a commendable job keeping you guessing just enough to make it seem more than necessary to expand the story telling and Star Wars universe. Sure there were some issues for me around some scenes not really working, and some CG elements being a bit off putting, but all up the action, humour, suspense, and general Star Wars inducing nostalgia worked really well, and boy can I not wait to have this feeling every year for hopefully the rest of my days.

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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